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bengabelt vol 1

For our Kenyan fans, to set your favorite caller tune, on your mobile device, type the word Skiza (space) type code xxxxx, send SMS to 811

Kanonge by Boaz Jagingo - skiza code 8546990
Mami by Dr. Kakee - skiza code 8546991
Hello Hello by Msupa S ft Rotich - skiza code 8546992
My dear by Musyoki Mutua - skiza code 8546993
Longisa by Missing Rotich - skiza code 8546994
Coco Yam by Abaki Simba - skiza code 8546995
Solidarity by Missing Rotich -skiza code 8546996
Solidarity Disco Remix by UMOJA DJs - skiza code 8546997

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Behind the sound of bengatronics.

_mwl. Gregg Tendwa is a multimedia artist, freethinker, and afrofuturist questioning the future of the African identities in the face of the next industrial revolution. He explores…

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