John Udulele


John Udulele

Music is my core…


Cultural practitioner

I aM 

Soulful BENGA blended with a layer of percussive and folk sounds from the diversity of East African instrumentation.

M y S t y l e 

Described as “magical and innovative” . Others also consider his formats as “spiritualistic ” based on his style of presenting music in abstract formats that resonate with the here and now – Notoriously revered for blending folk and pop with electronic (dance) music to birth a new sound that is both rich and  relatable.


I n 2013/2014, h e performed i n Zanzibar, Dar e Salam, Kampala, Arusha and Nairobi. In 2015, his performances have seen him tour Arusha, Jinja, Kampala and Dar e salam. He has shared the stage with the likes o f U K artist JOSS STONE and the Jimmy Hendrix o f Kora, Sekou Kouyate from Guinea a t U p Life I V


Continental Ambassador to Africa – WorldWide Musicians United-San Francisco U.S.A

Co-founder at WiBO Culture – an experimental, self- evolving art initiative that envisions an open and connected global community through culture and the creative arts

Co-Producer at Bengatronic Sound System – an emerging benga music label based in Nairobi.

Music director at the bengatronics music collective – an outfit that is discovering, reworking and publishing the future sound of Benga music.

CoFounder, Abakisimba Troupe – Kenyan music collective of various percussive instrumentalists from around Kenya